I brought my son to Paulina when he was three. He had spent the last two winters catching the flu, pneumonia, and bronchial infections. Some of these episodes would land him in the hospital for a week at a time. Just as he would recover from one virus, he would quickly catch another. I was uneasy with the amount of antibiotics he was taking, which was tearing up his stomach.

A friend recommended Paulina, and I went to her hoping that she would have the answers to make my son healthy again. She did a thorough check-up on him, and worked with me to redesign his diet. She created a personalized tincture for him which he took twice a day. It was supplemented with various vitamins and minerals.

Within two weeks, his health greatly improved, and through the first winter on this new regime, he only caught one cold. We carried on with the program solidly for the next two years. The next winter, as other children in his daycare ran the gamut of every virus, my son stayed healthy and never caught a cold. He started to grow tall and strong. The following summer, we took him off the tincture but started it up again in the winter. He only caught one cold that winter. He is now starting up on his tincture for this winter. I have every confidence that, once again, we will enjoy a healthy winter. Way to go, Paulina!

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